Africa is a multi-denominational continent where all denominations co-exist and respect each other. Christian Evangelism in Africa is gaining popularity among the western churches in America and Europe with every year, Bishops from the west holding Evangelism Conventions in Africa. They take several days as they also tour the African wildlife sanctuaries and the cultural and community based development projects.

Most Christian conventions are organized from the west and done in the African cities where they receive a large number of people thus making East Africa a most preferred destination for these conventions. Church leaders in the west prefer Kenya as their base for their evangelism conventions because Kenya hosts many Christians, has freedom of worship and has infrastructure to hold major and bigger church conventions like in Uhuru Park which is at Nairobi, the capital city and Kasasrani stadium which is not far from the city. Crusades are also held in other major cities and in rural areas with the collaboration of local churches.

Christian Churches from the west have been involved in the Community development Projects in Kenya by providing poverty alleviation community projects which includes: Facilitating the construction of community Churches, rural schools, health centers, HIV/Aids Orphan children's Homes, donating used clothes to the rural poor, building houses for widows, organizing community based micro finance organizations in the poor slum areas, contribute foods and beddings to the drought malnourished families and the flood displaced and disadvantaged communities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Panora Tours and Safaris will arrange on the transportation, hotel bookings and if possible identify the venue for crusades or conference at reasonable rates. This safari comprises many facets of the travel industry which includes:

  • Missionary travel
  • Leisure (fellowship) vacations
  • Crusades, conventions and rallies
  • Prayer and social retreats
  • Faith-based camps and others.