A camel walking safari is the ideal way to travel through the wilds of Northern Kenya and some parts of Laikipia, escaping the constraints of a vehicle. Vehicles can’t be used in the area because of the terrain; camel train is the only traffic in the area.

The Samburu tribe’s people lives in Northern Kenya,while some Masai lives in Laikipia and they have a long experience of these areas.  Moving seasonally with their herds of cattle, they know well the terrain and the wildlife in the area. On safari you walk through a spectacular variety of country from high montane forest to broad sand rivers or luggas. Time is well-spent discovering where barbets make their nests, how to recognize the tracks of a leopard, and to listen for the call of the honey-guide.

Walking with the ochred, young warani (warriors) and their camels is possibly the best way to really feel part of the bush, and see some of the small things missed in a vehicle.  Big game might be a bit more elusive, but the leisurely pace and the sight, smell and feel of nature all around you, is unique.  A simple but comfortable tented camp, a hot shower and tasty meal awaits you at the end of the day.

Each day you will wake up to the sun rise, have a delicious breakfast, and begin the journey accompanied by a Laikipia Masai tracker or Samburu and a few riding camels who carry your refreshments and day-packs. The pack camels and mobile camp usually follow behind, passing to set up the next camp and allow you to spend time investigating things of interest you see on the way. By the time you arrive at the next camp a cool drink and gourmet lunch will be waiting s you.

Afternoons are generally spent relaxing, reading or enjoying the scenery before going for an evening walk and sundowners. In the evening hot showers are offered before drinks by the fire and dinner under the stars. We recommend anything from five to seven day camel safaris followed by a few days at one of the fabulous lodges in these areas at the end of your safari.