Kenya's Southern region safari circuit is dominated by Tsavo (Tsavo East and Tsavo West) Kenya's largest national park. Further is Amboseli - Kilimanjaro's home and Chyulu hills rocky volcanic outcrops harboring a huge amount of game and Lake Jipe - a lake fed by Mount Kilimanjaro's run-off.Parks in the southern region safari circuit are close to the Kenya Coast

Parks and attraction in this safari circuit region include;

  1. Amboseli National Park
  2. Chyulu Hills National Park
  3. Tsavo East National Park
  4. Tsavo West National Park
13 Days Amboseli/Tsavo West/Tsavo East/Mombasa
2 Days Amboseli National Park
2 Days Tsavo West National Park
3 Days Amboseli Tsavo West
3 Days Amboseli Camping Safari
3 Days Tsavo Trails
4 Days Tsavo West/Amboseli /Tsavo East
4 Days Amboseli/Tsavo West
4 Days Tsavo East/Tsavo West
4days Amboseli/Tsavo West And Tsavo East
6 Days Amboseli/Tsavo West/Taita Hills
6Days Amboseli/Tsavo West/Taita Hills
7 Days Watamu And Gedi On Beaches
8 Days Tsavo / Windsurfing, Deep Sea Fishing And Snorkell


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Coastal and Beaches

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Kenya Travel Info

Kenya is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations attracting millions of tourists annually.


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